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We're a art group all about Anime guys getting "Turned Into A Girl" We only allow hand drawn artwork or written story's. No Photography, no real life pictures, all Anime.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 17, 2010


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1,790 Members
3,176 Watchers
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01. Human Anime subjects only.
02. No photography or captions with photography.
03. No 3D models, 3D Animations, 3D Renders, 3D CG.
04. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid.
05. No policing the group (Ex: Fussing about an art thief).
06. No asking for requests on the groups front page our blogs/journals.
07. Do not inquire as to why your group submission did not get in.
08. No furries/anthro, anime or otherwise and no monsters or creatures (CatGirls, Foxgirls, DogGirls which feature only ears and a tail are fine).
09. No pointing out spelling grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private.
10. No posting of Journals that contain drama within the group.
11. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be mannorful to them.
12. Writing and drawing most contain a guy getting turned into a girl.
13. No fat person/body expansions/ over sized boob expansions.
14. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals.
15. No guys putting on body suits shaped like a girl, that do not come off. I don't consider this a TG, GenderBender, Transformation.



Hi everybody Mikoto :iconmikotowolfskin: here, your Founder at :iconturn-into-a-girl: "Turn Into A Girl" and for today's features I thought we could try something a bit different and off the beaten path. Don't worry our popular contest TG Caption This: will return in a future week :)

Re-Caption This: Write, Draw, or recreate the Caption to your liking! Shorten, expand, or change its image! The original TG Caption was titled Wolf Sense and was done by a TG Caption Artist who went by the name Whatevr89532

Base your recreation, artworks and inspiration on the original TG Caption below.

Re-Caption This: An Artists Guide To A More Perfect Caption, Story, or Drawing!

Ever felt the desire to help someone make a better TG Caption? Perhaps you've read someones story and felt that with a bit of guidelines it might have been a more perfected artwork? I am sure you've seen someone with a language barrier who wrote a neat concept that is riddled with spelling and grammatical issues only to think it be much better with some help.

Our you might be like myself who looks at the older Captions and Story's and thinks how can I give that concept my own spin or show it up! Just maybe you look at some Captions and think wow that was great but I'd like to hear more, wish it was a story instead of a short TG Caption.

Everyone has a way of enjoying different styles and everybody is different because of that but the idea behind this feature is to place out a written guide of how to perfect and keep away from the issues that plague some of the Trangender Captions, Story's, and Artworks while giving everybody a fun challenge. Rewrite, remake, perfect, or shape to your desire! In other words Re-Caption This!  

My Personal Thoughts On This TG Caption: Tell me what your thoughts are in the comment area below, be kind about it and none offensive but here is Mikoto's thoughts!

The image quality is good but the way the Caption layout is made up is out of place and odd. I personally believe a really good TG Caption should be where a picture is placed on the right and the story is placed on the left hand side. The story is much larger then the image and ether needs to be shortened or turned into, expanded upon, in a more story like format which uses the image as a preview. The image is nearly perfect and cute but drawing artist might wish to add a wolfs tail behind her. Those are my thoughts on the subject but what about yours? Tell me in the comment area below! and have at this ReCaption This!!! And before you all go here is a quick featuring of last times TG Caption This art contestants......

TG Caption This: Hacker Got Turned Into A Little Girl!

TGCT: Hacker Got Turned Into A Little Girl
The former hacker hugged her pink bear, trying to squeeze the pain away. Ironic, the one thing now that brought her comfort was also a symptom of her punishment. Just a few weeks prior she was a he, and spent his free time as an amature hacker. Vandalizing whatever websites would fall to his clumsy, but effective efforts. Real douche bag pranks, from a real douche of person.  Aimlessly being a dick to people just for some shits and giggles, only natural one of these stunts would cost him his.  He had hacked into a group that featured art and stories of boys turning into girls. Having dealt with similar problems in the past, the group’s admins were prepared. An unknown firewall weaponized his computer, soaking him in radiation that kicked off the slow process of Turning Into A Girl. At first he thought it was funny. “Don’t those people want to become a girl?  Why would they use this as punishment?” But he didn’t
hacker got turned into a little girl (tg ar)
the main protaginist in the story is whoever hacked tiag, but i just call him mike :p
    One day, a hacker named mike decided it would be funny to go and mess with some random group on deviantart. "Hehe lets take a
HE said with a sly  little  smile. HE hit "random group and He came upon a group called tiag. "Hehe perfect time to mess with some stupid
Wierd ass art." HE stuck a usb drive into his computer, and it gave him some kind of deletion virus. "100% deleted" said his computer. 
Mike smiled as he saw that this group had nothing and was now empty. "Hehe wait till they see this." Then, his computer shocked the 
living crap out of him. "Gahh what the hell?" He said to himself. A single popup message popped up and said:
 "cuh what ever" Mike just rolled his eyes and went to get a snack. Half way their, he fel
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