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We're a art group all about Anime guys getting "Turned Into A Girl" We only allow hand drawn artwork or written story's. No Photography, no real life pictures, all Anime.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 17, 2010


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1,894 Members
3,373 Watchers
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01. Human or Furry Anime subjects of a guy turning into a girl only.
02. No photography or Captions with photography.
03. No 3D models, 3D Animations, 3D Renders, 3D CG.
04. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid.
05. No policing the group (Ex: Fussing about an art thief).
06. No asking for requests on the groups front page our blogs/journals.
07. Do not inquire as to why your group submission did not get in.
08. We will allow Furry artworks as long as they are about a guy turning into a girl.
09. No pointing out spelling grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private.
10. No posting of Journals that contain drama within the group.
11. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be mannorful to them.
12. Writing and drawing most contain a guy getting turned into a girl.
13. No fat person/body expansions/ over sized boob expansions.
14. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals.
15. No liquid, slime and or bodysuits Transformations.
16. The groups weekly feature "TG Caption This" will only host Human, guy turned into a girl Transgender subjects so don't complain.
17.No Pony Artworks.



Hi everyone Mikoto :iconmikotowolfskin: here, your Founder at :iconturn-into-a-girl: "Turn Into A Girl" and welcome to a our groups ever popular feature "TG Caption This:" , where we give out a theme and show off a drawing then ask you to write or draw something inspired by it which encompasses (EnCaptions) the theme.


Write a Story, Draw a Picture, perhpas make a Kisekae Sequence or do up a Caption out of the Theme "A Misfit Maid To Serve!" Has anyone ever told you how lazy you are? You sir are such a disappointment that you are barley makeing it by! No real job to speak of and no real talent to speak of? If this sounds like you we've got the perfect job for you. All misfits are welcome and we'll be given the perfect on the job training so they are Maid to fit! Was that last word suppressed to be "Made" to fit pondered the young man reading the job listings. Yup in this weeks art creating challenge write up a story about a male protagonist who is so down on his luck that he'd answer a rude written job listing that even had a spelling error? Only it's not so much a spelling error then its a trick. Basically a play on words!  In a classical twist this guy is turned into a maid girl! But how did it come to this? That's up to you dear artist! Perhaps his best friend is behind it? A master looking for the perfect new servant? A perfectly cute cos-play outfit is calling to his perverted ways? A curse passed down from the family? The possibility are endless.

Curve Ball

Curve Ball will be optional added twist that you might use to add a bit of flavor and spice of life to your Story, Drawing, or Caption! Or you can just ignore it altogether! Consider the Curve Ball to be nothing more then a challenging way to add depth to your artwork!

For this weeks Curve Ball

1.) Incorporate the use of lots strawberry's and use the phrase "Moe, moe make this food taste good!".

2.) Use the fowling lines. A.) "Welcome master!" B.) "Come back soon" C.) "What can I get you?" or "How may I serve you?" D.) "Right away!" E.) "please wait I will rerun shortly" F.) "You're welcome" G.) "sorry to keep you waiting"

Base your artworks inspiration on the picture below.


Please do not ask where the source image comes from! Please do not speak about where inspiration may have stemmed from. Do not talk about what franchise, anime, manga or video game the inspiration image comes from as it destroys the idea of creating an illusion of the artist own world; for some. If you can't help but wonder or wish to speak about such subjects please note the founder in private. Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy this fun event and Turn Into A Girl.

The more detailed you are about stuff in the drawing the better. The more detailed the process of transformation from guy to girl, what you felt like before, during, and after the better and do not forget to explain how it took place, why it took place and by whom for what reason/motive. Submit your drawings, captions or short stories here in the blog or to the group and title them "A Misfit Maid To Serve" Or just say the story was inspired by the group "Turn Into A Girl" and it's group blog feature "TG Caption This" in your artist comment area."  Also to make it easier on the founder please add her icon tag

in your artist comment area so there is no way she will miss it :)

And before you all go, here is some spotlight featuring last times art challenge contestants!

Caption Challenge: What Do You Like in a Game Show
   There was a very popular game show that was making its way across the world. The "What Do You Like?" show was a weekly show that featured twins, Ayumi and Azumi, who would set up a booth in schools, and asked questions. It kind of worked like Family Feud; they have a questionnaire, and if you give the best answer, you get a prize. If you give a lesser answer, you keep going until you have enough points for said prize. The only drawback was that only a certain number of people would be able to participate per day. It was also timed, so if you didn't answer in time, you wouldn't win anything big, but a gift card. Everyone loved watching the game, and playing it alike. Most of the world would wait in anticipation for their arrival.
   It was another average morning at school for Shawn, and his friend, Jeff. The autumn season was already taking its toll on the trees there. The wind helped with littering the ground with a broad stroke of warm colours. The smoky sc
TG Caption This: The What You Like In A Girl Game! by Hobbitking TG Caption This: What You Like About Girl GamesTwo boys Josh and Kyle, friends in college were extreme gamers, found an advertisement for a new game, in which they needed people to test it. The advertisement read
Virtual Fashion Show
A card collecting, computer game where people buy certain cards and scan the bar-code and add them to their online account, earn bitcoins by doing fashion runs and modelling careers
“Let’s do it?” Josh said
“But it’s a girl game”
“It’s only a trial, it’s not like they will put us in the paper for this” Josh urged “Besides we need the money”
It was the day of the trial, Josh and Kyle went to the company TIAG Games and Josh spoke.
“We are for the Trial for Virtual Fashion Show”
“Come this way, we have your cards you will scan, but first we need to take your finger prints and an iris scan.”
After that was done, they went into two different rooms, it had a glass wall so they can
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