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Where a art group all about Anime guys getting "Turned Into A Girl" We only allow hand drawn artwork or written story's. No Photography, no real life pictures, all Anime.
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Aug 17, 2010


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1,473 Members
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Welcome dear members of turn into a girl to our popular feature "TG Caption This" where we give out a theme and show off a drawing then ask you to write or draw something inspired by it which "EnCaptions" the idea.

This weeks "TG Caption This" theme is made possible by chris1134567 :iconchris1134567:  

Theme Write, Draw, or Caption the theme “TG Caption This: Turned Into A Olympic Swimmer By A One Piece Swimsuit!" The idea is a guy who loves swimming is turned into a girl by wearing a competition swimsuit from the Speedo, Asics or Adidas brand. Get creative and share your histories!

Curve Ball: This weeks curve ball has two parts!
1.) You're loving sister is the one responsible for you're transformation into a girl thanks to her odd magical one piece swimsuit. Explain why and how she is able to do this and why she did this or where she got or made the item.
2.) Write a two path multi ending! In Ending Part A: You go on with your life as a girl! In Ending Part B: You make a bet with you're sister that if you win a gold metal at the Olympic swimming contest she has to to turn you back, but in the bet she tells you if you loss you'll become her little sister no questions asked.
(Note: Curve Ball as always will be a optional element idea where a rule is placed or a twist is made that the artist who draw, write or caption might use to make this story interesting in a changeling sort of way! Or they can just ignore it altogether)  

Base your artworks inspiration on the picture below.    


The more detailed you are about stuff in the drawing the better. The more detailed the process of transformation from guy to girl, what you felt like before, during, and after the better. And do not forget to give a reason to how it took place, why it took place and by whom for what reason/motive. Submit you're Drawings, Captions or short story's here in the blog or to the group and title them "TG Caption This: Turned Into A Olympic Swimmer By A One Piece Swimsuit!" Or just say the story was inspired by the group turn into a girls group blog feature "TG Caption This" in your artist comment area." And before you all go here is some spot light featuring last times art challenge contestants:

“TG Caption This: Don't Keep Leaving The Toilet Seat Up!"

TG Caption This: Don't Leave The Toilet Seat Up!
Well, now I've gone and done it. You may be wondering what it is I've done, well, let me start from the beginning. I was you're average guy in a rented apartment with a female roommate. Arrangements were simple, the rooms clean, except the bedrooms which were a mess, no matter how much we cleaned. Hmm, before I continue I should tell you about myself. My name is... was... umm, Chris, just call me Chris. as I said before, I'm an average guy. Neck length dark brown hair that never looks tidy no matter what I do with it, thin build, a bit of stubble, you know the drill. Now I like to think I'm a nice enough guy. I keep the door open for anyone passing through, I serve others meals before I serve myself, I try to keep out of peoples business when they want me too, I'm always scarce when my roommate has friends round, unless they want me around, etc. But I do have a habit that my roommate hates, and it's why I'm in this situation to begin with. Let me recount the tale for you all.
TG Caption This: Don't Leave The Toilet Seat Up!    I pulled up my pants, stood up, from the toilet, and washed my hands. Then I left the bathroom, to watch T.V. in the living room, I jumped over the couch, to land safely, on it's cushions, I lifted the remote from the coffee table, and started channel surfing, then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, along with many cleaning materials. I then knew who it was, it was my clean freak of a sister, I quickly jumped off of the sofa, and rushed towards the bathroom, I had opened the door, when I heard a shrill, and demanding voice, saying "hold it right there, mister!" The door was fully open, and my right foot was already over the threshold, when she continued "hands where I can see them." 
    I placed my hands in front of my body, then she went on with our usual routine "ok, good, now turn around so that your back is facing me, do it now!" I complied, and her directions continued "ok, now back up towards me, until I say stop." I started to back up, h
tg: dont leave the toilet seat up by tg-tfs

And before you all go, this last week, marks the first time someone has gone back and wrote one of the older TG Caption This features. Just as a reminder none of the TG Caption This art challenge ever close so fill free to write draw or caption them oldies by clicking backwards in the journals here, you might just get features!!!

TG Caption This: Cursed To Be A Shrine Maiden!

The Shrine Maiden
It was a cold December night.  At an old shrine by a river, drummers beat an ancient rhythm.  Lanterns burned brightly, illuminating the paths between the many stalls hastily assembled around it.  Children flocked from game to game, an old priest sold protective amulets, and local artists displayed their work.  Schoolgirls trilled like songbirds.  A young couple shared an order of takoyaki.  My stomach rumbled, reminding me I hadn't eaten that day.
At the time, I was a young freeter, drifting from job to job with the seasons.  My previous employer had let me go two weeks before the festival, and my savings were running low.  Even the internet cafe where I usually slept would become too expensive before long.  Needless to say, I hadn't stopped by the festival to sample its overpriced food and souvenirs.  I had a different objective in mind.
On most nights, the shrine grounds had no cover to hide a 174-cm man with a backpack.  On mos

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Group Rules


01. Human Anime subjects only
02. No photography or captions with photography
03. No Kisekae Made Pieces ,no 3D models, 3D Animations, 3D Renders, 3D CG (Info of Kisekae: )
04. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid
05. No policing the group (Ex: Fussing about an art thief)
06. No asking for requests on the groups front page our blogs/journals.
07. Do not inquire as to why your group submission did not get in
08. No furries/anthro, anime or otherwise and no monsters or creatures (CatGirls, Foxgirls, DogGirls which feature only ears and a tail are fine)
09. No pointing out spelling grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private.
10. No posting of Journals that contain drama within the group.
11. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be mannorful to them.
12. Writing and drawing most contain a guy getting turned into a girl.
13. No fat person/body expansions/ over sized boob expansions.
14. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals.
15. No guys putting on body suits shaped like a girl, that do not come off. I don't consider this a TG, GenderBender, Transformation.


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C10artfan 2 days ago  Hobbyist
yo, I don't do tg stuff too often, but will I still be able to join
mikewolfskin 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Membership is open to all.
C10artfan 2 days ago  Hobbyist
oh, ok
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Here is a caption I thought would be funny. A guy turned girl because he keep leaving the toilet seat up. IDK how many times my sister chewed me out for leaving it up lol. 
mikewolfskin Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kind of like this? XD hope that will get some story's, captions like you where asking for:)
lol, awesome. mybe it will. XD
I just posted a caption, but it won't let me submit it to the group!
mikewolfskin Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is because the groups submissions are on a vote system where admins (Founder and Co Founders) vote on its entry.  This is done to keep off subject artworks out. Sometimes it take the admins some time to view the submitted artwork. Your caption has received a yes vote and been accepted. Thanks for your submission. We hope your dreams, wishs will come true and you'll turn into a girl :) 
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