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June 26, 2012
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Update: Looking over what was listed below and picking or lightly rewriting the once I like a lot to fit the list ^ ^ keep them coming you turn into a girl fan club!

Quite a while back in one of my alternative groups I was thinking of ways to get the community active in art creation and the 100 Drawing Themes Challenge that is so popular  here on Deviant art appeared as the answer. I took the concept and spun it toward the focus of the group and a none active assembly of people who never wrote in a blog became more energetic. I am always trying real hard to spin the whole what if you Turned into a Girl think in new ways but I think it’s time for a change!

For this blog think of at least 10 Themes based on some guy gets turned into a girl. Try to keep it as a Theme no more than 3 words maximum. Fill free to explain the concept but bold the Theme idea. If you do a good job it might get listed as one of the 100 Turn into A Girl Themes! Keep it PG 13 please. I’ll started…..

#01 Anime Convention A random Anime fan visited a brand new Anime Convention called TIAG but is unaware that he is about to be Turned Into A Girl that he cos plays as.

#02 Headphones A pair of magical headphones that, when worn to long, transforms the users thoughts drastically tell they think, fill, and turn into a girl.

#03 Girls Dorm A very feminine guy gets transferred into an all girls school. Here he could pass off as a flat chested girl but he complains hes not supposed to be there so his roommates, who are all girls obviously, turn him into a regular girl.

#04 Wish upon a Star The common guy is going to bed; sees shooting star; wishes to have a love life. Gets turned into a girl and a boy finds the new girl, falls in love... And her wishes come true.

#05 Wrong Bathroom A Guy in class really needs to pee, so he raises his hand to ask the teacher. Teacher agrees so he runs into the hall and into the bathroom but doesn't realizes hes entered the girls bathroom. There he uses the bathroom and hears some girls walking in. He cant go out so he waits tell the girls go to make there exit. Just then a girl stumbles upon him while hes hiding in the stall and teaches him to pay more attention to what bathroom he enters by turning him into a girl.

#07 Lab Accident A scientist or lab assistant is turned into a girl by an accident when some odd chemicals are mix together by mistake.

#08 Wrong Button A boy playing a virtual reality game mistakenly selects a female character but decides not to fix it. But by the end of his session, "he" is now a "she".

#09 Bonus Track A band puts out a special edition of their new music album, and after the users listen to the hidden "bonus track", they get turned into a girl as part of the bands hidden agenda.

#10 Symphony of the Woods An adventurer hears an "urban legend" about a forest which no man has ever entered, and returned. The adventurer decides to enter the forest, only to be entranced by a beautiful song. With every step he takes, he begins to turn into a girl.

#11 . Yuri Lover A Boy is in love with a Girl, but the Girl is only into other Girls. She uses a magic book of spells to make some changes so that she can love him as more then a friend.
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gtony Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Old post it seems, but I just found this through a web search...

Well, #10 had been a fantasy of mine for a very lone time, and I've written up a quick story as such...

CynicallyBankrupt Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Congrats!. You've got your 100. Plus 43 more!
Lobolito Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
College Scholarship: A guy with limited prospects for getting into college, gets accepted to a University on a full scholarship on the condition that he undergo a specific experiment. After enrolling, he discovers that the experiment is to see whether it is possible if, by changing a male's DNA, physiology, and body chemistry to that of a female, she can eventually become fully integrated as a female.

Secret Cola: After an extensive marketing campaign, in which a new soda coming onto the market claims in all its advertising to be "The Soda with a Secret", never even hinting what that secret could be, making ad, after ad, after ad proclaiming that there's only six days left until the product launches, five days, all the way down til the last hour. This campaign, though odd, is incredibly successful in luring in people to try and find out what that secret is. Upon testing the product, it has the power to transform whoever drinks it into the opposite sex for one hour per can, while also giving them a completely different outlook and feminine or masculine persona. So a goth girl may become a jock, or a nerd may become a pretty princess.

Dragon's stolen the Princess! Or has he?: A dragon that is rumored to have stolen a vast treasure and a princess is secretly luring knights to his cave, transforming them into beautiful women, and using them a sbair to lure more men to him!
DreadedOne131 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Have you check out the various trait swap conventions of
Doodletones Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
is this still going on? it seems to have stopped.
MikotoWolfskin Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes much like the one in my Age Regression group is still there; but they have taken a back seat on top to do list at this time. I have been overly busty for doing AR and TG art commissions, saving for Nintendo Wii U and other stuff. Your more then welcome to recommend ideas. I'll resume at some point but likely early next year.
Dustomega Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Woke up wrong: A guy goes to sleep and while he is sleeping his body starts to change. By the time he wakes up in the morning he is turned completely into a girl.
RoseNakahara Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Any just change me what i would say if i was a guy girls FTW!!
Doodletones Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
hm, me thinks I have more ideas.

1. Sleeping Pills:
A guy whos an insomniac, runs out of sleeping pills, so he heads to the store to get more, he gets the wrong ones as he takes them, falls asleep, then wakes up to a surprise.

2. Birthday Cake: Alot like #9 on my previous list,
A Girl was tired of her brother picking on her, so during her birthday, she wishes she had a sister. The next day, the brother was transformed into a sister.

3. The Purple Pool
A Guy heads to the swimming pool only to find everyones running away from it. He doesnt understand but he heads inside anyway only to find a purple pool of water. he tries to back away from it as the pool forms a giant hand, grabs him, and drags him into the pool, you can probably guess what happens next, he doesnt feel that hes a girl, and as she climbs out of the pool hes completely oblivious that shes a girl, so she lives her life as normal.

4. Massive Multiplayer TG:
A guy plays an online game, and makes his character, he finda a potion in the game that his character picks up and drinks, and not only his character changes, he does too.

5. The Deviant Emotes: Inspired by the DeviantArt Emoticons and pics
a random person comments on a guys picture that says, "Clik this -> :icon sexchangeplz:" he clicks it as a flash comes from his computer. he starts transforming.

thats it :P
retroactive678 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
I got a few ideas...

1. Flirtin' with Disaster - A cool boy falls for the hot new girl at school. But when his flirting takes an offensive turn, the girl attempts to fix his attitude.

2. Party Gifts - As a present to all guests for her sweet sixteen party, a devious girl transforms all boys into her best friends.

3. Wrong Button - A boy playing a virtual reality game mistakenly selects a female character but decides not to fix it. But by the end of his session, "he" is now a "she".

4. School Spirit - A boy wants to get more involved with his school, so his cheerleader best friend helps him adjust to the squad.

5. Bad Apple - Mark gets home from school and decides to eat an apple for a snack. The apple, however, is poisoned to turn Mark into Mary (possible revenge from a friend).

6. Rebel Yell - When disobeying your parents, always make sure they don't have magical powers. A rule Joseph forgot to follow when he talks back rebeliously and his parents decide to change his attitude (among other things).

7. Unusual Side Effects - A man becomes a lab rat for a new medicene that has just been developed, but then he starts noticing changes to his body. He probably should have looked at the label first as it said "For use with women only".

8. Tomb Raider - An archaeologist stumbles upon an unknown temple filled with mysterious runes that he doesn't comprehend. At the end of the temple, he finds treasure that puts a TG curse on him. (I actually made a story already about this one but I haven't uploaded it yet.)

9. Best of Both Worlds - A geek wishes to be popular at school yet still remain himself. He gets his wish, but the only change made was his gender.

10. Wanted Man - The police finally catch up to a criminal, but his punishment involves making amends as a woman or receiving the death sentence.

That's all for right now. I may post more as I think of them. Or I may go ahead and upload #8...
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